Can I Smoke in My House Singapore – Rules and Regulations

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has initiated the smoking prohibition act in Singapore in 1970. The “smoking law,” set in 1992, includes puffing on anything with lit tobacco. This move is to keep non-smokers safe from secondhand smoke by banning smoking in more public spots.

Premises managers have to make sure people don’t smoke where they shouldn’t. They should also ask smokers to leave. Even though NEA can’t cover all these places all the time, they need our help. People should kindly remind smokers about no-smoking areas.

Key Takeaways

  • Smoking is prohibited in a wide range of public places in Singapore to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke.
  • The definition of “smoking” in Singapore includes holding any lit or smoke-emitting tobacco product.
  • The minimum legal age for smoking in Singapore has been progressively raised from 18 to 21 years old.
  • Premises managers and operators are responsible for enforcing smoking prohibitions on their premises.
  • The community is encouraged to play an active role in reminding smokers not to light up in prohibited areas.

Understanding Singapore’s Smoking Regulations

In Singapore, “smoking” means doing more than just lighting up. It covers breathing in and out smoke from tobacco or other items. Plus, it includes just holding a lit cigarette. This detailed definition protects people from secondhand smoke risks. It ensures the rules fight the dangers of smoking regulations singapore.

Minimum Legal Age for Smoking

The age to legally smoke in Singapore went from 18 to 21 years old between 2018 and 2021. This change aims to stop young people from taking up smoking. Since many people start smoking between 18 and 21, this change is crucial. If someone under 21 gets caught smoking, they could have to pay a fine. This shows how determined the government is to keep the youth from smoking.

Prohibited Smoking Areas in Singapore

Singapore keeps its people safe from secondhand smoke. It’s against the law to smoke in many public spots. This includes places like parks, schools, hospitals, and near bus stops. Smoking within 5 meters of a no-smoking area is also not allowed.

No-Smoking Zones in Residential Buildings

In homes like HDB flats and condos, common areas are off-limits for smoking. Places like walkways and elevator lobbies can’t have smoke. This rule protects everyone, especially kids and the elderly, from secondhand smoke.

Outdoor Smoking Restrictions

In Singapore, you can’t smoke in outdoor spots like parks. This keeps the air clean in places where people like to relax. Everyone, including visitors, can breathe easy in these areas.

Orchard Road No Smoking Zone

Orchard Road is a big no-smoking zone in Singapore. For smokers, there are special spots called DSAs. They’re the only places where smoking is allowed without upsetting others.

Breaking these rules can lead to big fines. You might pay up to $500 without going to court. But, if you end up in court, the fine could go as high as $1,000.

can i smoke in my house sg

Smoking is not allowed in many Singapore public places. But, there are no laws against smoking in private homes. You can smoke in your own house. Yet, if a neighbor’s secondhand smoke bothers you a lot, you can go to the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunal (CDRT). This is a final step to solve problems if the smoke makes it hard to enjoy or use your home.

Designated Smoking Areas and Facilities

Designated smoking areas (DSAs) exist for smokers in public spots like hawker centers and parks. In these places, smoking is allowed. You can also smoke in your car. But, make sure not to smoke in ways that harm others or go against the rules.

Risks of Secondhand Smoke at Home

Even though smoking at home is legally accepted, it has downsides. Secondhand smoke can be very harmful. It can lead to serious diseases like lung cancer, heart problems, and breathing issues. This is not just for those smoking, but also for their loved ones and guests who don’t smoke.

Smoking RegulationsDescription
Smoking Allowed in Private ResidencesThere’s no law against smoking in private homes. So, people can generally smoke in their own houses.
Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs)Places like outdoor hawker centers, universities, and parks have special areas where people can smoke.
Smoking in Private VehiclesSmoking in cars is fine, but you must not let smoke go where it’s not allowed.
Secondhand Smoke Risks at HomeSecondhand smoke in homes can seriously affect the health of smokers and those who don’t smoke.


The smoking rules in Singapore aim for a fine line between personal freedoms and the health of the community. People are usually free to smoke in their homes. But there are rules against too much secondhand smoke that might bother neighbors.

If there’s a smoking issue between neighbors, the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunal can help. The government also supports community mediation to solve these problems peacefully.

Smoking regulations in Singapore take a broad approach. They work to keep non-smokers safe from secondhand smoke while honoring personal choices. Balancing these needs is key to a happy, healthy Singapore.

The government wants homes free from smoke and offers help to quit. This shows their dedication to fight the health issues from smoking. They allow open-air smoking zones and designated smoking areas to support those who smoke while keeping most places smoke-free.


Can I smoke in my house in Singapore?

No laws in Singapore stop people from smoking in their homes. So, residents can smoke there if they want.

What is the definition of “smoking” in Singapore?

“Smoking” in Singapore means breathing in/out smoke from tobacco or similar. It also includes having a lit cigarette or any tobacco.

What is the minimum legal age for smoking in Singapore?

The minimum smoking age in Singapore has gone from 18 to 21. This change aims to reduce smoking among young people.

Where is smoking prohibited in Singapore?

Singapore bans smoking in many public places. This includes schools, parks, and even near buildings or in cars. If you smoke in these places, you could get fined up to $500.

Are there any smoke-free zones in Singapore?

Orchard Road is a smoke-free part of Singapore. But, there are areas marked for smoking. If you want to smoke, you should use these special spots.

What are the penalties for smoking in prohibited areas in Singapore?

Smoking in places you’re not allowed can lead to a fine up to $500. The fine could be $1,000 if it goes to court.

What about smoking in private residences?

Smoking inside your home in Singapore is okay. There’s no law against it. But, if your smoke bothers your neighbor, there are ways to fix this issue.

Are there designated smoking areas (DSAs) in Singapore?

Yes, specific places like hawker centers have DSAs for smoking. You can also smoke in your car, but don’t let the smoke reach non-smoking areas.