North Gaia EC Reviews: Unbiased Resident Insights

North Gaia is an executive condo (EC) made by Sing Holdings. It’s in Singapore’s District 27 at Yishun Close. It will be finished in 2025. The project has 11 towers, each 14 stories high. There are 616 units in total. This is the first EC in the area since 2014. It meets the need for good living spaces.

The site is 21,514 sqm (231,575 sqft) big. It has a gross floor area of 60,239.2 sqm (648,414 sqft). With a plot ratio of 2.8, it’s efficient. There are 616 parking lots, including 11 for those who need extra help. There are also 103 spots for bicycles. Sing Holdings Limited bought the land for $373.5 million, showing it’s a big investment.

When North Gaia EC launched, units sold for $1,302 per square foot. This shows many people were interested. It has 3- to 5-bedroom units. Most are 3 bedrooms, which is 85% of all units. Some 3-bedroom units can be turned into guest rooms, hobby spaces, or study rooms. This meets different needs well.

Key Takeaways

  • North Gaia EC is in Yishun Close, created by Sing Holdings Limited.
  • There are 616 units in eleven 14-story buildings. It’s a big complex.
  • It has many amenities and lots of parking, making life easier for residents.
  • At launch, the units sold for $1,302 PSF, which shows a strong demand.
  • Its spot and value make it a key choice when choosing a property.

Introduction to North Gaia EC

North Gaia EC is a new spot in Singapore’s Yishun area, mixing modern style with green living. It’s made by Sing Holdings Ltd. and has 616 homes across 11 towers. North Gaia EC is at Yishun Close in District 27. It’s big, covering 21,514 sqm, and has cool places like a pool and tennis court.

Since 2014, North Gaia has been the main topic, showing people really want it. On its first day, a square foot cost $1,302, and a 3-bedroom home started at $1,140,000. Sing Holdings Ltd. got North Gaia’s land for $373,500,000. That means a price of $576 per sqft.

North Gaia EC is in a great spot next to Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. It’s near to places like bus stops, malls, schools, and hospitals. The design is smart, with towers made for great views and to block noise. Plus, the fancy look and focus on green things make living here nice.

The place has lots of fun areas for everyone, like Verdant Atrium and Elysian Sanctuary. Most homes have 3 bedrooms, good for all kinds of families. They come with top-quality stuff from Brandt and Grohe.

Want to see more? Come to the showflat and learn all about North Gaia. Talk to people who drive North Gaia electric cars. They can tell you all you need to know about this place. It’s a great way to make an informed choice.

Key Attributes of North Gaia EC

North Gaia Executive Condominium (EC) is special for many reasons. It is well-placed, has modern facilities, and carefully planned design. These aspects highlight why North Gaia is a great place to live.

Location Advantages

North Gaia EC is next to Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. It overlooks the beautiful Sungei Khatib waterways. This makes it a pretty spot for those living there.

It’s near shopping spots like Junction Nine and Northpoint City. Plus, Yishun MRT station is close by. This makes traveling around Singapore easy.

Amenities and Facilities

North Gaia EC offers lots of fun and useful things. There are two big swimming pools and a tennis court. It also has a clubhouse for everyone to enjoy.

It boasts 616 parking spaces, including spaces for 11 people with special needs. There are also 103 spots for bicycles.

Design Features

The design of North Gaia draws from the beauty of nearby mangroves. It has eleven blocks, each with 14 floors, and a total of 616 homes. They are built to provide a great living space.

Each home is carefully planned for comfort and beauty. The team focused on airflow and quiet living. Three-bedroom homes follow a “Cool Breeze” theme, while four-to-five-bedroom homes have an “Earthly Lux” design.

The whole area is very big, about 231,575 square feet. The living options vary, suitable for all types of families. From small homes to large ones, North Gaia has something for everyone.

The starting price is about $1,302 per square foot. The homes range from S$1,140,000 to S$1,974,000. With these prices and many great features, North Gaia EC is a wonderful place to consider. For detailed reviews, check out top-rated sources online.

Resident Feedback on North Gaia EC

Real experiences from people living at North Gaia EC are gold. In honest North Gaia EC reviews, folks love the top-notch facilities and comfy spaces. Their feedback shows high satisfaction, making North Gaia a popular pick.

North Gaia EC has 616 homes in 11 blocks on a big area of 21,514 sqm. It’s packed with great things like pools, a place to work together, and BBQ areas. This variety meets everyone’s wants, adding joy to everyday life.

People often talk about how roomy and versatile the homes at North Gaia EC are. You can pick from 3 to 5 bedroom apartments, fitting different families perfectly. Plus, it’s close to cool spots like Khatib Bongsu Nature Reserve, making life even better.

In these reviews, they also cheer for the top-branded kitchen tools and the luxury bathroom gear by Grohe. These high-end additions show North Gaia EC’s care for a lavish lifestyle. It proves their dedication to excellence and luxury living.

North Gaia EV Testimonials

North Gaia EC is special for more than its fancy living spaces. It also puts a lot of effort into being green. One big part of this is its electric vehicle (EV) setup. People love how easy it is to use.

Performance and Reliability

People often talk about how well the North Gaia EV systems work. They say these systems are built to last and do a great job. With many people saying nice things each month, it’s clear North Gaia is doing something right. This has led to good *North Gaia electric vehicle ratings*.

“The EV infrastructure at North Gaia is top-notch,” says Anna Valero, who has given 20 testimonials. “It’s clear a lot of work has gone into making it efficient and dependable.”

Convenience of Charging Stations

Having charging stations available has really made a difference. It makes life better for EV owners at North Gaia. This makes the community look forward to the future. People like Nicholas Bloom, with 7 testimonials, point out how these stations are a daily help.

By focusing on good performance and plenty of charging spots, North Gaia shows it’s all about green living. These *North Gaia EV Testimonials* not only show happiness but also a sign of keeping up with the latest eco trends.

Testimonial ContributorNumber of TestimonialsFrequent Collaborations
Anna Valero204 (with John Van Reenen)
John Van Reenen114 (with Anna Valero)
Nicholas Bloom74 (with Philip Bunn, Paul Mizen, Krishan Shah, Gregory Thwaites, and Ivan Yotzov)

Nearby Lifestyle and Recreational Options

Living in North Gaia EC means lots of fun things to do nearby in Yishun. You can find great places to eat, shop, or enjoy the outdoors. There’s always something for everyone in this busy area.

Dining and Shopping

North Gaia EC is near Northpoint City, a top shopping spot. It has many shops and places to eat. You can find something tasty no matter what you like. And don’t forget about Junction Nine. It’s close by with more places to dine and shop.

Outdoor and Nature Activities

Love the outdoors? You’re in luck. There are parks and fun outdoor places nearby. The SAFRA Yishun Country Club has lots to do, like sports and fun activities. It’s great for families. The Orchid Country Club offers golf and more sports. Nature fans will enjoy Yishun Park and Khatib Bongsu Nature Park for walks and time in nature.

Living at North Gaia EC mixes city life with nature well. The good reviews of North Gaia electric cars show a caring choice for the environment. This makes living here even better.

Facility/PlaceDistance from North Gaia ECHighlights
Northpoint City2 kmDiverse retail and dining options
Junction Nine1.5 kmAdditional shopping and dining
SAFRA Yishun Country Club3 kmSports and leisure activities
Orchid Country Club4 kmGolf courses and athletic facilities
Yishun Park1 kmNature walks and relaxation
Khatib Bongsu Nature Park2.5 kmScenic views and nature activities

Investment Potential and Future Outlook

North Gaia EC is shining with investment chances because of its good prices and future plans.

Price Trends

At $1,302 per square foot, this location stands out in the market. The lowest priced units are at $1,140,000 for 3 bedrooms, showing it’s affordable. With a land rate of $576 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr), it’s a good deal. This rate is less than what other places, like Parc Central Residences, are offering. It shows North Gaia EC is a smart investment choice.

Upcoming Developments in the Area

The future Rapid Transit System (RTS) to Johor will make North Gaia EC even more exciting. This big change will make things better and attract more people to the area. Being close to Yishun MRT station and Northpoint City offers even more value. It makes North Gaia EC a top pick for both those looking to live there and those wanting to invest.

Location and Connectivity

North Gaia EC’s location is a big plus, helping its residents a lot. It’s right in the middle of Yishun, Singapore. This makes it easy to get to everywhere in the city.

Living here gives you easy access to the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub. This hub has a bus interchange, a train station, and it’s all covered, so you stay dry. This makes traveling around Singapore simple and stress-free.

North Gaia EC is great for those wanting to be close to the city. It’s also good for enjoying the local scenes. The transport links here make sure you can easily get where you need to go. This makes life better for the people living here.

Also, the area is quite big, with lots of space for different needs. There are 11 towers with 14 floors each. Plus, there are 60 different places to use, like pools or gardens. All this shows how North Gaia EC is made for a great life in Singapore.

Developer Profile: Sing Holdings Ltd

Sing Holdings Ltd is at the heart of North Gaia EC. Since 1964, it has been making its mark in the real estate world. This company is all about top-notch projects and thinking outside the box.

History and Background

Since 1964, Sing Holdings Ltd has been a big deal in Singapore’s property scene. They dabble in everything from houses to factories. Their work, like at North Gaia EC, shows their commitment to quality and value.

Other Notable Projects

North Gaia EC is just one jewel in Sing Holdings Ltd’s crown. They’ve also built places like Parc Botannia and Robin Residences. Not to mention, they’ve got a hand in cool commercial spots too, plus a place in Melbourne. Their work is known for being top-notch.

The North Gaia EC is doing great, even reaching 71% sales by April 2024. It’s a big project, with 616 places for lots of different people. This success shows Sing Holdings Ltd is one to watch in the housing world.

North Gaia EC Unit Mix and Interior Features

North Gaia EC offers different types of homes to suit everyone’s lifestyle. Most units are 3-bedrooms, letting families find their perfect spot. These homes are made with care, mixing useful features with a touch of luxury.

Unit Types and Layouts

The North Gaia EC brings together 616 units across 11 tall buildings. There are plenty of 3-bedroom units, but also bigger ones for larger families. This choice means there’s something for every family size.

  • 3-bedroom units start at $1,140,000 ($1,177 psf)
  • 4- and 5-bedroom units are available, up to $1,974,000

Interior Design and Finishings

North Gaia EC homes are all about high living standards. They have top-notch kitchen stuff from Brandt and Franke. The bathrooms are fitted with fancy things. Each style has its own feel, like “Cool Breeze” for 3-bedrooms and “Earthly Lux” for bigger ones.

“Each unit is thoughtfully crafted with smart home systems that integrate seamlessly into daily life, making North Gaia EC a modern and efficient living space.”

North Gaia EC mixes city living with nature-friendly and high-tech touches. It sits on a big area with a lot of space. There’s a big carpark with 616 spots. This makes life easier for everyone.

Analysis of Resident Experiences and North Gaia EC Reviews

A close look at the top North Gaia EC reviews shows how happy residents are. They love the beautiful living spaces, many amenities, and peaceful area. These are the top reasons for their smiles.

North Gaia EC is big, with 616 units in 11 blocks. It will be finished in 2025. Most units have 3 bedrooms. But there are also 4- and 5-bedroom options.

The best reviews talk about the 60 amazing facilities here. From swimming pools to a gym and EV charging, they have it all. These spots are grouped into five zones. This makes life even better for the residents.

What’s neat is the good price of these homes. On average, you’d pay $1,302 for every square foot. Prices start at $1,140,000 for 3 bedrooms. The biggest, 5-bedroom units, go for up to $1,974,000.

Unit TypeNumber of UnitsRange of Price per Square Foot (PSF)Range of PricesUnits Sold
3-Bedroom164$1,204 – $1,359$1,167,000 – $1,302,00064
3-Bedroom with Yard176$1,212 – $1,371$1,213,000 – $1,372,000117
3-Bedroom with Yard and Study178$1,234 – $1,405$1,328,000 – $1,487,000114
4-Bedroom84$1,245 – $1,386$1,635,000 – $1,893,00047

Living here also means being close to good stuff. You’ll find Northpoint City and Yishun Park nearby. Plus, schools like Yishun Primary and Northland Secondary are not far.

In short, North Gaia EC is a hit because of its design and where it is. Sing Holdings did great. This shows in the happy reviews its residents give.


In short, North Gaia EC is a top choice in Singapore’s District 27 for many reasons. Sing Holdings Ltd built this place. It has 11 blocks with 616 units, perfect for young couples and big families. It will be ready in 2025 and most units have 3 bedrooms.

This place is full of great things to do. There are pools, co-working spaces, and other fun spots. Close by are parks, schools, malls, and hospitals. Lots of people want to buy here, with prices starting at $1,140,000.

The design of North Gaia is special. It takes cues from Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. It offers quiet homes and lots of space. With its great features and location, North Gaia EC is a top pick for buying a home in Singapore.

For those who want a comfy, green, and full-of-fun spot, North Gaia EC fits the bill. It’s praised for being eco-friendly and having lots to do. Many say it’s one of the best places to live in Singapore.


What is North Gaia EC?

North Gaia EC is a special condo in Singapore. It has 616 homes and is built by Sing Holdings Ltd. You can find it in District 27 at Yishun Close.

When is North Gaia EC expected to be completed?

It will be ready in 2025. It’s a 99-year leasehold property.

What amenities are available at North Gaia EC?

North Gaia EC has lots of cool things. There are two big swimming pools, a tennis court, and a nice clubhouse. Plus, they have electric car charging stations.

How is the location of North Gaia EC advantageous?

It’s near nature and shopping. There are parks and a river close by. Plus, a shopping center and the MRT are easy to get to.

What are residents saying about North Gaia EC?

People love how nice the amenities are and the smart design. The living spaces are comfy too.

How reliable is the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure at North Gaia EC?

People really like the EV charging stations. They say it’s super helpful to have them available.

What lifestyle and recreational options are available near North Gaia EC?

You can enjoy great food and shopping close by. There’s also fun outdoor stuff at the country clubs.

Is North Gaia EC a good investment?

Yes, it’s a smart choice. Its value is going up. And, with new projects coming, like the RTS, it’s even better.

What public transportation options are available near North Gaia EC?

Getting around is easy. The MRT and the transport hub are close. This makes travel smooth.

Who is the developer behind North Gaia EC?

It’s developed by Sing Holdings Ltd. They’re a top company. Their work has won awards for being so great.

What types of units and interior features does North Gaia EC offer?

There are 3- to 5-bedroom homes available. They come with top-notch kitchen appliances, fancy bathroom stuff, and smart systems.

How does North Gaia EC ensure resident satisfaction?

By focusing on good design and lots of amenities. The quiet area also makes residents really happy.