Lumina Grand EC Site Plan: Discover the Layout of this Luxury EC

Lumina Grand EC is a new place to live in Bukit Batok. It’s developed by City Developments Limited.1 This place will have fancy living spaces. They’ll also have high-tech stuff and smart home features. It will be a very special place to live, with fancy designs and stuff.

It’s in Bukit Batok, so everything you need is close by. Future plans for the area will make it even better.1 This project aims to give an amazing living experience to anyone who likes nice things.

Key Takeaways

  • Lumina Grand EC is a new luxury executive condominium in Bukit Batok, Singapore.
  • The development spans a site area of 16,623.7 square meters or 178,936 square feet.1
  • Lumina Grand EC will offer approximately 495 units.1
  • The development was awarded to City Developments Limited (CDL) with a winning bid of S$336.068 million.1
  • Lumina Grand EC is strategically located near the upcoming Tengah Town and offers convenient access to the Pan-Island Expressway.1

Introducing Lumina Grand EC: A Luxurious Oasis in Bukit Batok

Strategic Location in Bukit Batok

Lumina Grand EC sits in the middle of Bukit Batok, a calm area in Singapore’s west.2 It’s part of the growing Bukit Timah area. This means more places to go and more homes to see.2 The people at Lumina Grand EC will love the peaceful area and all the nature. Plus, they can easily get around the island.

Unparalleled Connectivity and Convenience

Lumina Grand EC is right by Bukit Batok and near Tengah Town.2 It’s a great spot with a lot of new things coming. There will be new places to live and work, making it perfect for investments.2 Being close to the Jurong Lake District is also a big plus. It’s turning into the next big business area, making Lumina Grand EC a smart choice for anyone.2

Thoughtfully Designed Facilities

Lumina Grand EC is packed with fun things like pools, a tennis court, and a place for kids to play.3 It also has a gym so people can stay fit.3 For parties, there are BBQ areas. There’s also a safe spot for cars.3

Lumina Grand EC Site Plan: Unveiling the Masterpiece

Lumina Grand EC is a new, exciting place to live in Bukit Batok. It has a big site, about 178,682 square feet.4 It’s located where Bukit Batok Road and Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 meet. This spot gives it a nice view and it’s close to many tall buildings.

Site Area and Layout

This place is designed smartly to make life better for everyone living there.4 It has 10 buildings, each with 12 to 13 floors. This makes it a cozy place to live, but still feels like a big family.

There’s a parking lot underground, so parking is easy. Lumina Grand EC thought about everything to make life convenient for its people.

Unit Distribution and Mix

Lumina Grand EC has different homes for different needs.5 You can choose from 3 to 5-bedroom units. This means families or single people can find a perfect home here.

Seamless Integration with Surroundings

This place fits in well with the area around it. It’s close to the soon-to-be Tengah New Town and Jurong Lake District. This means residents will have lots of places to go near their home.

The location is great, mixing city life with nature. It offers a great living space for all. Lumina Grand EC is where the best of both worlds meet.

Lumina Grand EC Site Plan: Elevating Luxury Living

Resort-Style Amenities

Lumina Grand EC has many resort-style amenities. It includes a big swimming pool and a wading pool for kids.3 There’s also a tennis court and a playground for children to have fun.3 The place also has a gym and a fitness corner. These are great for keeping fit.3 People living there can use BBQ pits and park their cars under cover.3

Harmonious Blend of Nature and Modern Living

This place spreads over 178,936 square feet with 512 units. It has 10 blocks of homes, each 12 to 13 floors tall.6 It’s in Bukit Batok, which is full of green places. This makes a perfect mix of nature and the latest in living.7 Here, you can relax among the green views. Yet, you’re close to all the great facilities and amenities of this place.7

Lumina Grand EC Site Plan: Invest in Residential Excellence

Prime Location with Growth Potential

Lumina Grand EC sits in a top spot in Bukit Batok, near the growing Tengah Town.8 It’s seeing a boom in new buildings, both business and homes, which is great for those investing. Living here will be extra special with the nearness to Jurong Lake District, Singapore’s new Central Business District.8

Developer’s Reputation and Track Record

City Developments Limited (CDL) brought Lumina Grand EC to life. It’s well known for top-notch residential spots.9 At Lumina Grand EC, they’ve put their heart into the design and what they offer. It’s a smart pick for anyone looking to buy a home.

DistrictD23 – Bukit Panjang/Choa Chu Kang10
Units512 in Lumina Grand EC project10
Property TypeExecutive Condo10
Tenure99 years leasehold10
Expected CompletionQ3 202710
Land Area16,623.7 sqm10
Blocks2 Blocks of 12-storey and 8 Blocks of 13-storey10
Housing UnitsEstimated 495 Executive Condominium units10
Developer Tender PricesCDL Zenith Pte. Ltd. at $336,068,000.00, Sim Lian Land Pte Ltd & Sim Lian Development Pte Ltd at $335,508,000.00, Intrepid Investments Pte. Ltd. and TID Residential Pte. Ltd. at $332,526,222.00, CNQC-OS (3) Pte Ltd and Santarli Realty Pte Ltd at $331,001,000.0010


Lumina Grand EC is a top pick in Singapore’s real estate scene. It’s in Bukit Batok, offering a special place to live.11 The location is perfect, close to everything you need. Plus, it mixes nature with modern life just right.11

This place is great because of its amazing features and how it’s designed.11 It’s also a smart buy because of where it is and the people making it.12 You can pick from 3-bed to 5-bed, and there are only 4 homes on each floor for more quiet.12

Lumina Grand EC is a top choice for luxury and convenience.12 The new Jurong Region Line will open soon, making it even better to live here.12 With great features, smart design, and a key spot, it promises a dreamy life in Bukit Batok.


What is Lumina Grand EC?

Lumina Grand EC is a brand-new home in Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, Singapore. It is built by City Developments Limited (CDL), a top real estate firm in the area.

What makes Lumina Grand EC unique?

Lumina Grand EC is all about luxury living. It has top-notch features and smart home tech, making life amazing for its residents. It’s in a perfect spot in Bukit Batok, near all you need and new stuff being built.

What are the key features and amenities of Lumina Grand EC?

This place has everything you’d find in a resort. There’s a big swimming pool, a wading pool, and a tennis court. For the kids, there’s a playground. And for adults, a gym, fitness corner, BBQ pits, and a place to park your car.

Where is Lumina Grand EC located?

Lumina Grand EC is in the heart of Bukit Batok, a well-established area in Singapore’s west. It’s in the Bukit Timah estate, which is growing with more things to do and places to live.

What are the development details of Lumina Grand EC?

Lumina Grand EC sits on a big piece of land – 16,600 square meters to be exact. It’s at the corner of Bukit Batok Road and Bukit Batok West Avenue 5. With its unique angle, most units have clear views of the city and places with lots of buildings.

What is the growth potential of the Lumina Grand EC location?

This spot near Bukit Batok and the new Tengah Town is set to grow a lot. There’s work going on for new places to live and work. It’s near Jurong Lake District, which will soon be a major hub, making it a great place to invest in and live.

Who is the developer of Lumina Grand EC?

City Developments Limited (CDL) is bringing Lumina Grand EC to life. They’re a big name in the Singapore real estate scene, known for top-notch homes.