Altura EC Floor Plan – Explore Condo Layouts in Singapore

Altura EC is a 360-unit executive condominium in Singapore. It’s at Bukit Batok West Ave 8 in District 23.1 Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction are working on it. They got it with a big bid of $266 million ($661.67 psf ppr).1 This place has 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom homes in three 15-story blocks.1 The land … Read more

North Gaia EC Reviews: Unbiased Resident Insights

North Gaia is an executive condo (EC) made by Sing Holdings. It’s in Singapore’s District 27 at Yishun Close. It will be finished in 2025. The project has 11 towers, each 14 stories high. There are 616 units in total. This is the first EC in the area since 2014. It meets the need for … Read more

How to Become a Housing Agent in Singapore – A Guide

Being a property agent is a career many find attractive for its flexibility. It also offers a chance to earn a good income. The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) notes there are 34,427 agents in Singapore. These agents help buyers and sellers find homes and offer advice. They do this for a fee from the … Read more

How to Apply for House in Singapore – Simple Guide

For many in Singapore, buying a Build-to-Order (BTO) flat marks a huge step. It’s often their first home and a big financial step. To apply, check during a sales exercise if you’re eligible for a hdb flat application singapore. If you qualify, you get a chance to pick a flat. Then, you wait for your … Read more

How Much Deposit to Buy a House in Singapore – Guide

Buying a house in Singapore involves looking at many factors. These include the type of home, rules to follow, if you can afford it, and where it’s located. Luckily, Singapore’s government offers lots of help like the CPF housing grant. This is why almost 9 out of 10 people in Singapore own their homes as … Read more

How Much Do U Gain from Selling a House in Singapore?

When you sell a house in Singapore, the selling costs can greatly affect your profits. This guide looks into things like property prices, capital gains tax, and additional fees. Understanding these costs will help you plan your finances. It also lets you sell your home in Singapore well. Key Takeaways Understanding the Costs Involved in … Read more

How Housing Loan is Calculated in Singapore

Houses are big-ticket items worldwide, especially in Singapore. They’re often the biggest purchase anyone makes. Usually, it takes 10 to 30 years to pay off your home loan. Because of this, understanding how housing loans work in Singapore is key. Lenders use various criteria to approve mortgage applications. This includes the property value, your income … Read more

How Big of a House Can I Afford in Singapore?

Buying a home is a big deal, and you must know what you can afford. This guide will help you figure out how big a house you can buy in Singapore. It considers your income, existing debts, and future money plans. By looking at different situations and using online tools, you can choose wisely. This … Read more

Can You Buy a House Before 35 Years Old in Singapore?

Absolutely! In Singapore, becoming a homeowner in your late 20s or early 30s is very doable. This is true if you have the right plan and financing in place. With the property market changing, more young professionals are looking at buying their first home, even before they turn 35. Starting the journey to own a … Read more

Can PR Buy House in SG and Overseas? A Complete Guide

Being a permanent resident (PR) in Singapore means facing complex rules on owning property. Can you, a PR, get a home in Singapore or overseas? Our thorough guide will cover all you need to know. It talks about how to qualify, the rules, and how to appeal to own a home in Singapore and elsewhere. … Read more

Can a Partnership Take Up Housing Loan in Singapore?

Many people wonder if a partnership can get a housing loan in Singapore. It’s important for business partners wanting to buy property to know about loan eligibility. Let’s explore how partnerships can secure housing loans and understand the specific rules in Singapore. Key Takeaways Understanding Housing Loan Eligibility for Partnerships Knowing how partnerships qualify for … Read more

Can I Smoke in My House Singapore – Rules and Regulations

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has initiated the smoking prohibition act in Singapore in 1970. The “smoking law,” set in 1992, includes puffing on anything with lit tobacco. This move is to keep non-smokers safe from secondhand smoke by banning smoking in more public spots. Premises managers have to make sure people don’t smoke where … Read more

Are Conservation Houses in Singapore Freehold Properties?

Beyond pieces of history, Singapore’s conservation houses are also smart investments. They come in two types: freehold and leasehold. The freehold ones are more sought after and valuable. There are three main kinds of these old gems: commercial, residential, and a mix of both. If you’re not a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident, you can … Read more

Condo Prices in Singapore: How Much is a Condo in 2024?

In Singapore’s lively real estate scene, it’s key to watch condo prices for buyers and investors. This helps make smart choices when buying or planning your investment. Resale condo prices and volume went up in February due to Chinese New Year activities. After falling 0.6 percent in January, they rose 0.2 percent in February. This … Read more

Why Upgrade to Condo in Singapore? Reasons to Make the Move

Singapore’s real estate landscape offers a compelling case for upgrading from an HDB (Housing Development Board) flat to a luxurious condominium. According to industry experts, this transition can provide a wealth of benefits, from enjoying luxury amenities to capitalizing on investment potential and property value appreciation. Whether you’re a young family seeking a more prime … Read more