Condo Prices in Singapore: How Much is a Condo in 2024?

In Singapore’s lively real estate scene, it’s key to watch condo prices for buyers and investors. This helps make smart choices when buying or planning your investment.

Resale condo prices and volume went up in February due to Chinese New Year activities. After falling 0.6 percent in January, they rose 0.2 percent in February. This was up from a 0.3 percent increase in the month before. As a whole, prices were 6.1 percent higher than in February 2023. Also, resale condo sales saw a 1.2 percent bump, with 760 units sold.Key Takeaways:

  • In February, Singapore’s condo market saw prices and sales go up after Chinese New Year celebrations.
  • Condo prices grew by 0.2 percent in February, recovering some of the losses from January.
  • Compared to last year, condo prices were 6.1 percent higher in February.
  • 760 resale condos were sold, showing a 1.2 percent overall increase in sales.
  • Experts are confident about more resale deals in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at what drives condo prices in Singapore. We’ll discuss the different price ranges, regions, and the costs of buying a condo.

How Much Do Condos Cost in Singapore: A Guide

Condo prices in Singapore depend on a few key things. These are the condo’s size and where it’s located. The cost can change a lot based on the area in Singapore.

In the Outside Central Region (OCR), a 3-bedroom condo can cost between $900,000 and $1.5 million. Prices increase in the Rest of Central Region (RCR). There, 3-bedroom units go for $1.5 million to $3 million. The Core Central Region (CCR) is where you find most luxury condos. Their prices start below $3 million and can be much more.

Here’s a look at how prices vary in different condo regions in Singapore:

RegionPrice Range for 3-Bedroom Condo Units
Outside Central Region (OCR)$900,000 – $1.5 million
Rest of Central Region (RCR)$1.5 million – $3 million
Core Central Region (CCR)Starting from slightly below $3 million

Region isn’t the only price factor in Singapore. Condo developments’ amenities, quality, and market demand all play a role. These can also raise the cost.

Singapore offers a big range of condo prices. This gives buyers choices that fit their budget and lifestyle. From budget-friendly to luxury options, there’s a condo for everyone.

Knowing the average condo prices can help buyers. It lets them plan their investment wisely. Doing research and getting advice will help navigate Singapore’s condo market better.

Condo prices in Singapore differ based on many things. Location, size, and development quality all affect the cost. It’s smart for buyers to think about their budget and what they need before buying. Understanding price ranges helps in making a good investment in Singapore’s lively condo market.

Factors Affecting Condo Prices in Singapore

Many things can make the prices of condos in Singapore go up and down. First, where the condo is located matters a lot. In places like the Core Central Region (CCR), prices are usually higher. This is because these areas are close to the city’s business hub, famous sites, and exclusive neighborhoods.

Also, how big the condo is can change its price. Condos with more space, more rooms, and better designs cost more. The materials and finishes used in building the condos also affect their prices. Those with top-notch gear and lavish designs are pricier.

Moreover, the facilities and extras the condo offers can make it cost more. Condos with things like pools, gyms, party halls, and beautiful gardens are more attractive. So, they might be more expensive.

Being near transportation is a big deal too. Condos close to MRT stations, bus stops, and major roads are often priced higher. They’re more convenient for moving around the city and to other places.

And don’t forget about how much people want the condos. Lots of interest without enough condos can drive prices up. If there are too many condos or not enough buyers, prices might fall.

Factors Affecting Condo Prices in Singapore:

  • Location of the development
  • Size of the unit
  • Quality of the development
  • Amenities and facilities offered
  • Proximity to transportation
  • Overall demand for condos in the market

For buyers and investors, knowing these factors is crucial. It helps them research and choose the right condo in Singapore. With good research, finding a place that meets their needs and budget is more straightforward.

“The location, size, quality, amenities, proximity to transportation, and demand for the development all play crucial roles in determining condo prices in Singapore.” – Real Estate Analyst

The Singapore Condominium Market: Trends and Outlook

In recent months, prices in the Singapore condo market have shifted slightly. Yet, the overall outlook is positive. Experts predict more resale deals in the future.

“Condos in Singapore are popular with locals and foreigners,” says Jane Lee, an expert. She notes the strong property market and chances for growth make them a good buy.”

Though prices have moved a bit, condos in Singapore are still a smart investment. The stable economy and top-notch infrastructure add to its appeal. It’s attractive to both local and foreign buyers.

The Singapore government’s strict property rules help keep the market steady. This helps both buyers and sellers feel secure about their investments.

Singapore Condominium Market: Housing Options for Diverse Needs

The Singapore condo market offers something for everyone’s needs and preferences. Young professionals can find modern units in central locations. Families can look at homes with big spaces and great amenities. There’s something for every lifestyle.

“There’s a wide range of condos in Singapore,” David Tan points out. He’s a well-versed real estate agent. “Buyers can pick based on what they need – like where it is, what it offers, and its size. They can fit it to their life and budget.”

Condo TypeFeaturesPrice Range
Studio ApartmentsCompact living spaces with integrated amenities$500,000 – $800,000
2 to 3-Bedroom UnitsIdeal for small families or young professionals$1 million – $2 million
PenthousesLuxurious living spaces with stunning views$3 million and above

It’s key for buyers to do their homework and talk to pros. Knowing current market trends is crucial. It helps buyers make the right condo choice for investment or living.

Luxury Condos in Singapore: A Look at the High-End Market

The high-end market for luxury condos in Singapore is full of stunning properties. These places are a dream for those who love luxury living. They are mostly found in the Core Central Region.

Affluent buyers in Singapore look for the best in luxury condos. These properties are known for their rich details and lavish lifestyle they offer. They feature top-tier facilities and beautiful designs, adding elegance and prestige.

Luxury condos in Singapore are all about being exclusive. They’re not just homes but symbols of a private, high-status life. With few units available, residents enjoy peace and seclusion, making their experience even better.

But, luxury doesn’t come cheap. These condos can cost over $2 million for a 3-bedroom unit. The investment is more than in the space you buy. It’s about the unmatched lifestyle and status they bring.

There’s always a strong interest in these condos. Many want them, from both Singapore and around the world. The desire for exclusivity, top amenities, and great spots keeps the market lively and full of promise.

Luxury condos in Singapore are more than just homes. They stand for prestige and luxury, drawing in discerning buyers. With their amazing designs, facilities, and locations, they show the finest living experiences Singapore provides.

Average Condo Price in Singapore: An Overview

The average condo price in Singapore varies a lot. It depends on the location, size, and type of the condo. Generally, you can find condos in Singapore for around $900,000 to several million dollars.

There are condos for every budget and taste in Singapore. So, whether you want something affordable or luxurious, you’ll find it here.

To find a condo that’s just right for you, start by looking at different options. Think about where it is, what it offers, and how much it costs. Also, stay up to date on what’s happening in the market.

Here are the average condo prices in different parts of Singapore:

RegionAverage Condo Price
Outside Central Region (OCR)$900,000 – $1.5 million
Rest of Central Region (RCR)$1.5 million – $3 million
Core Central Region (CCR)Slightly below $3 million and higher

Prices can vary a lot by region. The Outside Central Region (OCR) is more budget-friendly. The Core Central Region (CCR) has luxury condos that cost a lot more. In between, the Rest of Central Region (RCR) offers options at various prices.

Remember, these are average prices that might change. Always check with experts and follow market trends before buying.

Knowing the average condo price in Singapore is a good start. With some research, you can find a condo that fits your needs and budget. The market is full of options, whether you’re buying for the first time or as an investment.

Investing in Your Dream Condo

Beyond just a home, buying a condo is a smart investment. Property in Singapore tends to increase in value over time.

Look not only at the price but also at what you could gain. Study the market and consider what might make a certain area’s value go up. This could include new roads, buildings, or policies.

Talk to pros in real estate and finance for help. They can guide you to a smart buy. With so many condos in Singapore and expert advice, finding your dream condo can be both fun and lucrative.

There’s a perfect condo in Singapore for everyone. Take your time, think about what’s important to you, and choose wisely. Your condo will be a great place to live and an even better investment over time.

Buying a Condo in Singapore: Financial Considerations

When thinking about buying a condo in Singapore, it’s key to look at different financial aspects. This helps buyers make smart choices and have a hassle-free buying experience.

The first thing to think about is the down payment. It usually varies from 5% to 25% of the condo’s price. This is a big chunk of cash upfront. So, it’s essential to check finances and plan for it.

Getting a bank loan is also very important. Buyers should check out different loans, look at interest rates, and see if they can afford the monthly payments. It’s wise to get advice from mortgage experts to understand the costs of a loan well.

Besides the down payment and loan, there are other expenses. These include stamp duties, legal fees, and upkeep costs. These extra charges change based on the condo and its spot. Including them in plans helps make a full budget.

Knowing their financial health and looking at these costs is vital for buyers. It helps ensure they can easily handle the cost of their condo.

Understanding these financial matters helps buyers prep for buying a condo in Singapore. By seeking expert advice, doing their homework, and judging their financial situation, the buying process can be smoother. Being well-prepared brings peace of mind and confidence.

Financial Considerations Checklist:

  • Calculate the down payment amount based on the purchase price.
  • Research and compare bank loan options to find the most suitable financing solution.
  • Factor in additional costs such as stamp duties, legal fees, and maintenance fees.
  • Evaluate personal financial situation and assess affordability.
  • Seek professional advice and guidance to make informed decisions.
Cost ConsiderationsKey Points
Down PaymentRanges from 5% to 25% of the purchase price.
Bank LoanResearch loan options, compare interest rates, and calculate monthly mortgage repayments.
Additional CostsIncludes stamp duties, legal fees, and maintenance fees.
Personal Financial AssessmentEvaluate affordability based on financial capabilities.
Professional AdviceSeek guidance from mortgage experts and real estate professionals.


In Singapore, condo prices depend on where they are, their size, and quality. The market for condos in Singapore looks good. More sales are expected soon.

Anyone thinking about buying a condo should look at their money situation. They should also look closely at the things that affect condo prices. This includes the location, size, and quality of the condo.

Getting advice from experts is a good idea. They can help potential buyers understand the market better. They can help buyers make smart choices about their condo purchase.

Understanding condo prices in Singapore is important. Buyers who know what to expect can make better choices. This is true whether they are buying for themselves or as an investment.


How much does a condo in Singapore cost?

Condo prices in Singapore vary for many reasons. These include where they are, how big they are, and their quality. On average, you can find condos in Singapore from $900,000 up to millions of dollars.

What factors affect condo prices in Singapore?

Many things can change the price of a condo in Singapore. This includes the home’s location, its size and quality, what amenities and facilities there are, how close it is to transport, and how much people want to buy condos.

What is the outlook for the Singapore condominium market?

Lately, the market for condos in Singapore has been up and down. Despite this, experts think more condos will get sold in the next few months.

Are there luxury condos available in Singapore?

Absolutely. Singapore has a vibrant luxury condo market. These condos offer top-notch features and are usually in great spots. You might pay over $2 million for a 3-bedroom luxury condo in a prime area like the Central Core Region (CCR).

What is the average condo price in Singapore?

The cost of a condo in Singapore changes by the area and the condo’s details. Usually, prices start at around $900,000. Some can go for several million dollars.

What financial considerations should I keep in mind when buying a condo in Singapore?

Buying a condo in Singapore means thinking about more than just the price tag. Remember to budget for the down payment, the cost of getting a loan, and other fees like stamp duties, legal costs, and upkeep fees. It pays off to carefully check your wallet and talk to a pro to make sure you can afford your dream condo.